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Are you having a difficult time purchasing safety equipment on a tight budget? UCLA "Be Smart About Safety" funds can help. Cost-sharing funds are available to support campus projects designed to reduce workers’ compensation costs.

All funding requests are reviewed and approved by the campus Injury Prevention Committee (IPC). Recently-approved projects include:

  • Lighter-weight vacuums & mops for custodians
  • Automatic floor scrubbers for custodians
  • Eyewash stations and safety showers for labs and shops
  • Safety guards for shop machinery
  • Height-adjustable tables, chairs, keyboard trays and monitor arms
  • Hydraulic lifts & pallet jacks
  • Slip-resistant shoes for housing and dining workers
  • Ergonomic pipettes for lab workers
  • Voice recognition software and training

Funds are not available for general operating supplies or personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety equipment required by law.