Bottles and Dispensers 

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Plastic Wash Bottles (Squeeze Bottles)

Low density polyethylene with leakproof screw cap
1-pc. cap/spout


 bottles and dispensers 1

Transfer small amounts of unmeasured liquids in place of test tubes or beakers.

PRICE: Range varies depending on volume, material and quantity
$30- $750

Graduated Cylinder with Handle

Standard polypropylene
Double scale and octagonal base
Steam autoclavable at 250°F


bottles and dispensers 2

The generously sized handle makes pouring from a tall cylinder safer and more convenient

$30- $60

Angled Bottle Rest 

Acrylic stand holds both round and square bottles at a comfortable 45° angle to reduce shoulder strain during pipetting
Holds bottles from 50 ml to 1 liter
Small footprint requires little bench top or hood space

 bottles and dispensers 3

Bottle rest offers hands free support for media bottles.

PRICE: $70

Bottle Jacket

Tough polyethylene shell encapsulates a 4L or 1-gal. bottle
Two-piece jacket with unique threading design firmly connects top and bottom
Blocks out light to reduce solvent degradation.

bottles and dispensers 4

Easy grip handle improves ability to grip and pour gallon or 4-liter bottles of liquids. Reduces spill hazards in case of breakage.

PRICE: $ 25

Brinkmann Bottletop Dispensers

Precise volume settings
Filling tube adjusts to fit reagent bottle
Dispensers rotate 360°
Calibration certificate

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The Brinkmann Bottletop Dispensers make reagent dispensing as quick and easy as possible. Dispensers are available in fixed-volume or adjustable volume sizes to cover the range of 0.5 to 100 mL.

$450.00- 1,100.00

Two Handle Dispensing Jugs

Low-density polyethylene jug includes top and bottom safety handle
Guaranteed leakproof
Permanently attached pour spout reduces splash
83mm polypropylene closure
Not autoclavable.

bottles and dispensers 6

Double-handle design makes carrying and pouring easier and safer to accomplish.

PRICE: 200