Micromanipulation / De-Capping Devices


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The Capitator (HS 02) (may not sell by this name)



  • Decapping/capping machine



Unscrews and holds cap while container is being processed, then recaps container. Compact enough to be used inside a fume hood.

PRICE: not listed


Decapitator 2

Contact: Chuck Locke

  • Accommodates tube sizes from 0.2 mL to 2.2 mL
  • Comes with a sturdy lap bench stand.
 micromanipulation  de-capping devices 2

One-handed method for uncapping micro centrifuge tubes. The unit provides two slots into which the user can insert the appropriate sized tube cap. Once secured, a slight downward pressure opens the tube. The Decapitator 2 uncaps tubes single-handedly.

PRICE RANGE: not listed

MicroTube Tool (Pack of 4) EF4321


  • Attaches securely with self-adhesive hook and loop tabs.
  • 1 1/8" thick expanded urethane
  • Black. 22”L x 5”W
  • Self-skinned foam surface wipes clean.
 micromanipulation  de-capping devices 3

Saves wear and tear on your finger and thumb.

Innovative Micro Tube Tool makes it a breeze to open snap caps and screw caps. Convenient two sided, polypropylene tool features snap-cap opener on one side and a screw-cap device on the other. Pack of 4

Pack of 4: $7
Case of 25: $125

Microcentrifuge Tube Opener



  • 79mm (3 1/8") long
  • 3 per bag 
  • One end opens 1.5 to 2.2 ml tubes
  • Forked blade on opposite end opens smaller sizes: 250m, 400m, and 550m tubes

Tube opener easily open all sizes of micro centrifuge tubes with just one hand.

Packages of 3: $25

Biohit Family Ergo Tubes


  • Ergonomic flip cap
  • Frosted area for marking
 micromanipulation  de-capping devices 4

Microcentrifuge tube with flip cap to reduce strain to open

Pack of 500: $70

TruCool Ergonomic Centrifuge Tubes



  • Cap with pull-back tab
  • Easy to open and close
  • Uses 40% less force
  • Design reduce cross contamination
 micromanipulation  de-capping devices 5

Chemically resistant tube labels taht are easy to mark.

Roll of 1000: $25




  • Chemically resistant, flexible, polyester labels
  • Adhere strongly to plastics and other materials
  • Accept any marking instrument and are permanent
  • 1000 labels/roll
 micromanipulation  de-capping devices 6


Chemically resistant tube labels taht are easy to mark.


Roll of 1000: $25