Tools and Padding


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1 #NC32511
for custom handles

  • 1 and 3 pound packages


 micromanipulation tools and padding 1
micromanipulation tools and padding 2

Low-temperature (140 degrees) thermoplastic pelletse mold together quickly and easily to adapt handles, splints and equipment. The pellets can be used to build up handles. Heat in water, on a heating plate or in a microwave oven. The thermoplastic will stick to most porous surfaces.

1 lbs. $16
3 lbs. $45


Precision hand tools
w/ foam/molded grips

  • Multiple styles of precision hand tools
  • Foam grips
micromanipulation tools and padding 3 micromanipulation tools and padding 4

Molded and foam grips for precision hand tools manufactured by Excelta. Other tool modifications available with bulk orders.

Price varies by tool 

Low Force Forceps 
(2 sizes)

5 1/2"



  • 5 1/2" low force forceps
  • 7" low force forceps
micromanipulation tools and padding 5

Reduce force required to hold specimens in forceps while processing.


Not listed

Dumont Medical Tweezers with Clamping Ring

  • Variety of sizes
  • Clamping ring to lock in closed position


micromanipulation tools and padding 6

The clamping ring eliminates the need to apply constant finger pressure for gripping.

PRICE RANGE: $41.00-$65.00

Negative-Action Style Tweezers (Self-closing)

  • Variety of sizes
  • Default position is closed


micromanipulation tools and padding 7

Negative-Action style tweezers (self closing) eliminate the need to apply constant finger pressure for gripping.

PRICE: $37.00-$40.00 (depending on metal)