UCLA Ergonomics Advocate Program

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Today’s office worker is constantly responding to increasing work demands and technology changes. Keeping employees safe in this environment is a challenge, especially in times of shrinking resources. 

The UCLA Office Ergonomics Evaluator (Ergo Advocate) program trains designated department representatives to conduct office ergonomic workstation evaluations. After completion of the program, the Ergo Advocate will be able to recognize computer related problems, adjust computer workstations, and provide workers with safe working strategies.

A department will be eligible for up to $5000 of cost sharing funds on approved chairs and keyboard trays once they have a trained and active ergo advocate. An active ergo advocate is an individual who has successfully completed the UCLA Ergo Advocate 8 Hour Training Seminar and is actively performing documented preventative ergonomic evaluations within their department.


Initial Requirements


  • Completion of Ergo Advocate Roles and Responsibilities Seminar (1 hour)

  • Completion of EH&S Office Ergonomics Training Seminar (4 hours)

  • Completion of EH&S Posture Awareness and Body Design Workshop (1 hour)

  • Completion of one Ergo Evaluation and Report Writing Seminar (1 hour)

  • Completion of BruinErgo Online and Admin Training (1 hour)

Upon completion of the above steps the Ergonomics Program Manager or Injury Prevention Division (IPD) Manager will determine if the candidate has demonstrated the appropriate knowledge to function independently and/or if they require further training.

Continuing Education and Training Requirements

  • One Joint Workstation Evaluation with an EH&S IPD Specialist per quarter

  • Participation in at least one EH&S Ergonomics Training Seminar per quarter

  • Participation in EH&S Ergonomics E-Mail Distribution