Meet Our Team

Ruth Arnush
Disability Management and Ergonomics Program Manager
Contact for: Disability management, temporary return to work, and workers' compensation cases.
Service Area: Campus-wide
Extension: 6-9599

Michael Ozamoto
Lead Ergonomist and Accommodation Consultant
Contact for:  Workers' compensation and reasonable accommodation cases related to office, laboratory, or industrial evaluations.
Service Area: Campus-wide
Extension: 5-8455

Randy Sauser
Senior Ergonomics Specialist
Contact for: Office, lab, and industrial evaluations
Service Area: ASUCLA, Facilities Management, Housing & Hospitality Services, South Campus (buildings south of Bruin Walk)
Extension: 5-0536

Yensen Lin
Ergonomics Specialist
Contact for: Office evaluations. Bruin Ergo Online Training, Cost Sharing, Ergonomics Lab, and  Loaner Equipment.
Service Area: Westwood Village, Wilshire corridor, UNEX, North Campus (buildings North of Bruin Walk)
Extension: 6-4189