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Trash collection and disposal are associated with high injury rates and involve lifting, bending, repetitive motion, and awkward postures. The push to separate trash streams has made it necessary for trash collectors to accommodate multiple inserts. Separating trash streams can present unique challenges. The volume and weight of a particular trash stream can fluctuate on any given day. Trash collectors need to be adaptable, easily maneuvered, and capable of being emptied by the end-user. For exceptionally heavy waste such as compost, a trash collector compatible with a motorized lift should be considered. There are mobile and stationary lifts with specific requirements for trash collectors.

Decision-makers should review the following considerations.

  • Space: Area(s) where the trash receptacle will be used. Is the trash receptacle the right size for the job and will there be obstacles to navigate? Are the doorways large enough to accommodate the unit?
  • Surfaces: Type of surface(s) the trash receptacle will be used on. Will it be used inside or outside? Will it need to navigate bumpy areas or various transitions?
  • Users: The physical characteristics of the worker. Can the unit be used by different height users?
  • Storage: The trash receptacle will need to be stored somewhere. Is there storage space in an existing custodial closet or storage area? Are the doorways to the storage area large enough to accommodate the unit?
  • Portability: Ease by which a user can get the trash receptacle to the job site. Is there elevator access? Can the elevator accommodate the weight of the filled unit?
  • Maintenance: What type of regular maintenance is needed? Is a special tool needed for regular field maintenance?
  • Testing and Feedback: Demo the product. What was the users’ feedback on the unit after trying in the work environment?

Recommended Trash Collector and Tilt Truck

Mfr. & Model

Executive Series
Mega Brute
Mobile Collector 120 Gal

Rotomolded Tilt Truck
½ Cubic Yard

Criteria Rating




Mega BRUTE® Mobile Collector 120 Gal
Rotomolded Tilt Truck


Durable and easy-access rear doors.

Well built, durable, and easy to maneuver. The unit has a high capacity and supports optional buckets to separate waste streams. Rear doors help reduce awkward postures when emptying. The slim profile fits through a standard 32" doorway.

*This unit is not compatible with motorized cart lifters.

High capacity and easy to maneuver

High capacity trash truck with a constant force design assists with single user dumping. Tilt capability helps reduce awkward postures and lifting. The narrow profile allows easy navigation through standard 32" doorways and narrow hallways.

*This unit is not compatible with motorized cart lifters.

UC Supplier

Waxie Waxie


Weight: 74 lbs

Capacity: 120 gal / 400 lbs

Dimensions: L 52.5” x W 27.5” x H 42.5”

Two 12” wheels, one 4” lockable swivel caster

Rear doors for trash removal

NSF compliant

Weight: 138.5 lbs

Capacity: 87 gal / 300 lbs

Dimensions: L 56.75” x W 28” x H 38.63”

Two 10” inset wheels, one 4” swivel caster

Constant force design for dumping

Leakproof polyethylene bottom


Mega BRUTE® Mobile Collector Website

Rotomolded tilt truck ½ Cubic yard Website

Products are rated on a 5-star scale based on the Criteria Rating - ★
The product specification exceeds minimum UC Criteria - ♠
The product does not meet minimum UC Criteria - ⚠