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Evaluations and Ergonomics Lab

UCLA Ergonomics provides employees with workstation evaluations and ergonomic lab visits to promote healthy workspaces, reduce discomfort and increase productivity. To schedule an evaluation, complete the questionnaire at the bottom of this page. Users will be directed to Calendly to select an available appointment time. DGSOM and UCLA Health research staff should identify as "campus" employees. UCLA Health clinical staff will be redirected to request evaluations from UCLA Health EH&S.

Workstation Evaluations

All UCLA Campus faculty and staff are encouraged to schedule a workstation evaluation. Evaluations performed for staff and faculty prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Any staff or faculty who report physical discomfort associated with their workstations to their supervisors should schedule an evaluation as soon as possible. Proactive department managers can request an evaluation to design optimal work environments when moving to a new office or refreshing the current worksite to maximize value and reduce costly one-off modifications in the future.

  • Parts of a Workstation Evaluation
    • Observation: Gain an understanding of the function and manner job tasks are performed by the employee at the workstation and identify risk factors.
    • Analysis: Determine the cause of the risk factors and measure the impact on the employee’s comfort and productivity.
    • Training: Provide guidance to the employee on how to minimize the effect of risk factors to reduce the likelihood of error or injury.
  • A written report is provided the employee’s supervisor with the evaluation findings as well as recommended actions to improve the design and fit of the workstation.
  • Departments are strongly encouraged to implement the recommended actions. Cost Sharing is available to assist departments with covering a portion of the expense associated with purchasing any recommended equipment.

Ergonomics Lab

The Ergonomics Lab is open to all UCLA staff and faculty by appointment. Visitors can review and be fitted for various computer workstation components such as chairs, keyboards and mice. Laboratory and industrial items are also available for review such as pipettes, microscope supports, anti-fatigue mats, hand tools, and custodial equipment.

Ergonomic Lab visits are held in-person at the Wilshire Center. Visits are by appointment for 30 minute sessions. Complete the form at the bottom of the page to schedule a lab visit with an Ergonomics Specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employees will meet with an Ergonomics Specialist. The campus is divided into zones with an Ergonomic Specialist assigned to perform all the services in that area. This allows our team to become familiar with department staff and provide consistent quality of service that fits into a work unit's operational system.

Identify issues and solutions to improve comfort, productivity and control risk factors that contribute to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. Ergonomics as an applied science is concerned with designing and arranging work for optimization with the workers. This is done to allow workers to interact more efficiently and safely within the work environment. As such the purpose of an evaluation is to identify interventions that will improve worker comfort, increase operational throughput, and decrease injury rates. 

In-person Evaluations take place at the workstation and are available for workstations located on campus or other UCLA owned or leased property within Los Angeles County and adjacent counties.

Remote Evaluations are available for workstations located in an employee’s home, worksites outside the geographic service area for In-Person Evaluations, or difficult to travel to from the Westwood campus. UCLA employees located at other UC locations should contact the local ergonomics program for assistance.

Allow for at least 30 minutes. For both in-person and remote evaluations the employee is expected to be present for the entire evaluation.

Yes, employees who will have their computer workstation evaluated are encouraged to complete the RSS Computer Ergonomics online training and risk assessment tool.

Remote Evaluations will be asked to provide photos and/or measurements of their workstation prior to meeting over Zoom.

Request Form for Ergonomic Evaluations & Ergonomic Labs