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Tips for Using a Microscope

  • Use a chair that provides good back support.
  • Sit close to your work surface.
  • Remove false fronts and supplies from under the bench work area.
  • Avoid leaning on hard edges.
  • Pad forearms and edges.
  • Keep elbows close by your sides.
  • Work with wrists in straight, neutral positions.
  • Adjust your chair, workbench, or microscope as needed to maintain an upright head position.
  • Elevate, tilt or move the microscope close to the edge of the counter to avoid bending your neck.
  • Use adjustable eye-pieces or mount your microscope on a 30° angle stand for easier viewing.
  • Keep scopes repaired and clean.
  • Spread microscope work throughout the day and between several people, if possible.
  • Take breaks. Every 15 minutes, close your eyes or focus on something in the distance. Every 30-60 minutes, get up to stretch and move.