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UCLA Ergonomics is conducting evaluations of employee's remote workstations via Zoom. To further support staff working at home, Telecommute Tips fact sheets, and group trainings are also available.  

If you are experiencing discomfort associated with telecommuting please notify your supervisor and complete an evaluation request form. You will be contacted by staff to discuss your case. Alternative resources can be made available to address specific needs on a case by case basis. Supervisors can contact Ergonomics Staff by submitting a contact form

Telecommute Tips

How to Use These Fact Sheets

The Telecommute Tips series of fact sheets provides in-depth suggestions on how to improve a variety of computer setups. Start by making one or two changes that best suits your home work area. You do not have to make sweeping changes all at once. Incremental change allows you to “test out” those changes and decide if more are necessary. Resolving discomfort associated with computer work can be tricky but by reviewing these fact sheets, and making a few changes over time, you will have an optimized computer workstation that reduces strain on the body and improves comfort. 


Employees can access the Health Working online training portal via the UC Learning Center for additional information about reducing risks associated with the development of musculoskeletal disorders. 

Departments can request group trainings to meet specific needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact your supervisor, disability management consultant, and/or claims manager to clarify your needs and responsibilities while temporarily working from home. Open communication with your department is key to ensuring your safety.
Contact your supervisor to determine the above. You may also reference Campus Human Resources'FlexWork Guide for Managers.
Notify your supervisor immediately. Complete a request form. Staff will contact you to discuss your case. 
FlexWork - Work from Home Furniture Allowance

UCLA has adopted the concept of FlexWork, which encourages departments to provide opportunities for employees to work remotely on a full-time or part-time basis if their job duties do not require onsite presence. As part of this program, a provision for a work-from-home furniture allowance for employees who meet the eligibility criteria has been developed. For ordering details, go to:FlexWork at UCLA.