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Equipment Reimbursement


Campus employees may qualify for reimbursement of task chairs and height adjustable tables that were purchased for home office use. To begin the process the employee requesting reimbursement must submit a UCLA IRM Ergonomics - Reimbursement Application for furniture along with supporting documentation through DocuSign. The employee's supervisor will be prompted to sign and complete the application. UCLA Ergonomics will review application. If approved, an exception to Policy 740-741 Attachment A will be sent to the employee's supervisor. Department administrators should attach a copy of the approved UCLA IRM Ergonomics - Reimbursement Application to the purchase order. Refer to UCLA Reimbursement Request: Guidelines & Procedures pages 7-9 for details on entering the approved Reimbursement Application in BruinBuy.

Furniture Criteria

  • Item is a task chair or height adjustable table  
  • Item meets or exceeds minimum UC Ergonomic requirements for office furniture specified on the application 
  • Item was paid for out-of-pocket by the employee
  • Item was purchased between March 20, 2020 and June 30, 2021


Applications will be addressed in the order in which it was received. UCLA Ergonomics is committed to responding within 5 business days from the day the application is received via DocuSign. Incomplete or unsigned applications will be voided if inactive for 5 or more days. 

Tips and Suggestions

  • Assemble all supporting documents to attach to the application
    • Receipts - Copies of an invoice, email, or paper receipt verifying the item was purchased 
    • Photos - Take pictures of the items, or use manufacturer or vendor website images 
    • DocuSign accepts most document formats including: PDF, DOCX, RTF, TXT and PNG
  • Collect item specification information and measurements. This information is often found on item manufacturer or vendor's websites. Some common examples that may include the information are:
    • User Guides or Manuals
    • Dimensional Drawings
    • Price Books
    • Product Summaries 
    • Product Brochures
    • Spec Guides
  • Answer the ergonomic requirement and justification questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge.
    • Refer to the full UC Ergonomic Requirements for Task Chairs or Height Adjustable Tables for clarification on an ergonomic requirement
    • Justifications may include descriptions of risk factors such as awkward or static postures, and musculoskeletal disorder symptoms such as discomfort, or soreness. 
  • NOTE: UC requirements are adapted from the ANSI/BIFMA 100-2007 Human Factors of Computer Workstations. All measurements were rounded to the nearest quarter inch for users who choose to measure the item themselves. Design guidelines use anthropometric data (body proportions) to ensure that furniture fits most end users in the US population. Some end users who are below the US's 5th percentile female or above the 95th percentile male may fit furniture that does not fall within the ergonomic requirements, but will still be considered for approval.       

Need Help or Have Questions?

Contact Yensen Lin, Sr. Ergonomics Specialist. Email