What Is Ergonomics?

Can the job you love also be a pain in the neck? Yes, say the folks at UCLA's Ergonomics Program. The Ergonomics Program provides employees with ergo-friendly solutions to a variety of work-related problems. Our goal is to fit work to workers to make jobs safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

Who can benefit from ergonomics?

Any worker who works in awkward postures or lifts heavy loads can be at risk of injury. Landscapers, plumbers, mailroom workers and others who bend and lift regularly can benefit from lifting training. Office workers should be aware of the proper selection and use of office equipment. Most lab accidents occur in the form of slow-forming strains associated with poor body mechanics and repetitive motions. Lab workers should be aware of proper microscope posture and pipetting techniques.

The UCLA Ergonomics Website is designed to provide workers with practical information on ergonomics. Both blue and white collar workers will find helpful information on work techniques, equipment, and injury prevention and exercises. UCLA employees are invited to contact us for free consultations.