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Ergonomics Training Classes

To arrange for any of the following trainings please email us

Back Safety Training

For jobs that are more physically demanding, especially jobs requiring lifting and materials handling, we can provide back safety training. The training is tailored to suit the needs of a specific group or department, and consists of a group presentation as well as consultation for improving the ergonomics of specific job tasks.

Job-Specific Training

We are available to provide ergonomics training or consultation for any campus job. While the majority of our consultations are related to computer workstations, we also provide ergonomics consultation for laboratory, kitchen, custodial, maintenance and shop-related positions. Please let us know on the request form if the job is non-computer related.

Group Training

We can provide department-wide trainings in the form of group presentations (to larger groups of employees) and group workstation consultations (to smaller groups). Please mention on the online request if interested in receiving group training.