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UCLA Ergonomics Presents...

UCLA Ergonomics and Steelcase Present: Change Management and Returning to Work

We can all agree that nothing has changed the landscape of work more than the past year. During this time, our Steelcase Research Team have engaged with our clients and peers to explore the return to work. Critical topics include change management, hybrid work, determining new policies & protocols and managing expectations as we return to the physical office and/or manage flexible working. David Haskin share information and insights on these topics and more. If you would like to submit questions prior to our presentation, we welcome the opportunity to address your questions.

Recorded on Zoom: 5/12/2021


UCLA Ergonomics & Kimball Present: Nordic Living

How to Apply Scandinavian Principles to Appreciate Your Surroundings and Live Happier

  • What is Hygge? How does it impact Your Home and Beyond?
  • Why Lagon is Necessary (Living Life in Moderation)
  • Why We All Deserve to Practice Fika (Setting Aside Small Breaks to Enjoy Life)

Recorded: March 24th, 2021


UCLA Ergonomics & Herman Miller Present: Grit - A Social Learning Experience

Learning Insights and skills to support the personal and organizational building and maintenance of resilience, positivity, a growth mindset and greater wellbeing for the uncertainty ahead. Our human capabilities are expanding. Current times call upon every individual to apply the characteristics of grit to manage individual and organizational well-being. Together, we will find out what grit is, how to develop it, and how to put it to work for ourselves and others.

Recorded: February 24th, 2021


UCLA Ergonomics & Herman Miller Present: Ergonomics from The Neck Up

This presentation is perfect for those who are interested in learning how to manage their mental/emotional state to be more agile, positive and productive amidst constant change. This wellness webinar shares evidence-based facts, along with some fun activities that can be used at home and at work, to support our mental health and emotional well-being. This session is approximately 30-minutes with a follow-up Q & A and includes mental exercise takeaways to practice alone or with friends, family and colleagues.

Recorded: November 18th, 2020


UCLA Ergonomics and Steelcase Present: Better Wellbeing. Even when working from home.

Steelcase recognizes the physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges that come with working from home. While many of us feel “forced” into this situation, there are still many facts and tactics that can be employed to increase comfort, be more self-aware of our own limitations, and even more empathetic towards others. We believe that there is not just power in knowledge but inspiration towards meaningful action. Please join us for a brief knowledge share around wellbeing as it relates to working from home.

Recorded: November 10th, 2020